(A) Hard Core Land Activity

adventure hard core land activity goa adventure hard core land activity goa adventure hard core land activity goa
rapelling goa

Controlled descent is an enthralling way to interact with the landscape. And the great thing about abseiling, also called rappelling, is that it’s quite easy to learn. After a few lessons you’ll be slipping down the rope like a master. In some cases, abseiling is a mode of transport a way to reach an unknown world. The skilled instructors who operate abseiling experiences know all about easing people out of their comfort zone, so that you get an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Rock Climbing
rock climbing goa

Rock climbing training is for those inclined to fitness and physical challenge. Varied modules familiarize participants with rock climbing technique; rock climbing training exercises, equipments used for climbing and can be continued as a series of training sessions that lead to actual climbs on pinnacles.

River Crossing
river crossing goa

You also learn the act of river crossing over the base tied across the stream near the camp.

zorbing goa

It is an adventure rolling ball approx 12’ in Diameter rolled on the flat, hilly ground.3 kids/2 Adults can experience the roller ride for approx 200-300 Mtrs.

Mountaineering goa

Mountaineering as a sport has a history as old as the history of the evolution of human race itself. Mountaineering started when the need was felt for people who could climb difficult heights and terrains to meet people across the border, to trade, or to conquer new territories. In the course of time, man developed new mode of transportation and communication and venturing out on these difficult routes were not needed. Nevertheless, what remain was his nature to take risks and getting pleasure in conquering something totally unknown and unexplored. Mountaineering is the unblemished adventure, for body and soul. It is an endeavor to reach the vault of heaven, and explore the spirit of fantasy.

High Ropes Course
high rope course goa

Test your 'limits' on the high ropes course. A balance and co-ordination course set up 5 to 8 meters off the ground which tests your nerve and comfort at heights.

Artificial Rock Climbing
wall climbing goa

The 40ft high rock-climbing wall has a range of climbs of varying levels of difficulty.

Flying Fox / zip wire
flying fox goa flying fox

This requires guts and feel for height of 120 Meters climb on to tower hook into your harness, clip on to the pulley and jump simple !!!!!! As you 'fly' downhill and over the river.

Burma Bridge
burma bridge goa

Some Bridges are more than 100 mtrs long and are constructed with ropes tide to the branches of trees many states in India they still use such bridges across many rivers and streams. Japanese army used these types of bridges when they invaded India through Burma.

zummaring goa

Zumar are frequently used tools on mountaineering expeditions. This unique contraption is used to scale over hangs and steep inclines aided by one-way friction control. Use these zumars to climb the hanging rope.

Off road driving
off road driving goa

We drive 4x4’s in the kind of terrain they are designed for the lake, hills, valleys, etc. We only practice on a private land, so we avoid damaging the environment, you can explore exactly how your 4x4 will react to different situations. You will be amazed at what 2.5 tones of car deal with! Cliffs, Rocky Slopes, water traverses and sliding through mud are all part of experience. Off-Road driving isn’t about tearing across hill and dale to conquer lands unknown, and it’s not just only male’s sport. I’ve discovered that off-road driving is deeply satisfying activity that helps you tune into yourself and the environment.

Jeep Parasailing

Enjoy a short sortie in the air. Participant is tied up with a canopy behind the jeep to experience the flight in the air of approx 70-80ft.

Bungee jumping
bungee jumping goa

In the 1980`s kiwi entrepreneurs AJ Hackett and Henry van asch started the world`s first commercial bungee operation, with a jump from the historic Kawaru bridge. Since then bungee jumping has become the thrill of choice for thousands of travelers. There is various way to personalize your jump- try partial immersion in water, a tandem jump or a night jump. Bungee jumping has been called the 'quickest personal growth experience ever'. The secret of bungee jumping is to blank your mind as you approach the moment of truth and not think at all until you’re flying through the air. Don't think, don’t analyze, just jump

Horse riding
horse riding goa

Horses are trained and ridden for practical working purposes such as in police work or for controlling herd animals on a ranch. They are also used in competitive sports. Prajosh Adventure based in Valpoi Rivem, Goa owned by Mr. Prasad Joshi offer horse riding too.

paintball goa

The ultimate sport to cultivate bonding and cooperation, Paintball is a popular corporate team-building event. Teams compete to eliminate opponents by firing capsules of non-toxic paint. The game is played across different types of terrain to up the excitement quotient. Whether it’s a “capture the flag” style of play or just eliminating the opposing team, you can be sure that paintball gets your heart racing and adrenalin pumping.

Net climbing
net climbing goa

Climbing net structures. The climbing structures consist of multiple interconnected reinforced ropes attached to the ground and poles. Climbing nets are usually installed to assist in developing their balancing and climbing skills. Net climbing is a test of your strength and agility.

ATV ride
atv rides goa

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with Handlebars for steering control. As the name implies, it is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain.
You can Ride along a custom track and have an awesome time along with pleasure.

Star gazing
star gazing
Waterfall rappelling
WaterFall Rappelling
Rifle shooting
rifle shooting goa

The shooting sports include those competitive sports involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of GUNS such as fire arms and AIR guns. The shooting sports are categorized by the type of fire arm or target used. Through this one can learn to balance his life for achieving goal.

Obstacle course
obstacle course goa

The objective of obstacle course is to develop physical and mental fitness of the participants.

Low Ropes Course
low rope course goa

A great team building activity, where teams of 3 work their way through the course negotiating the obstacles. Designed to develop teamwork, trust and communication in your "support crew".

archery goa

Challenging and rewarding, archery is an excellent team leveler and a great way to illustrate what individuals and teams can achieve when they step outside their comfort zones. Prepare to be surprised and enlightened by the results. We find team leaders are often surprised by which member emerges as the new Robin Hood!

Bird Watching
Bird Watching

The residents of this area agree that the bird population in the area is a very healthy one. even the woodpeckers for the avid bird watcher we suggest you pack your lunch before you move away from the camp for indulging in your favorite past time.

Mobile Camping
mobile camping goa

People looking only for peace and tranquility can have their tents pitched in the beautiful spots near the camp on request.

trekking goa

Trekking is one of the most famous adventure sports in India. The mountain ranges of India promise breathtaking and exciting trekking trips.

Back Packing
Back Packing Goa

The scale of the Himalayas makes them the ultimate backpacking destination in the world. Nowhere else is such exalted beauty matched with such overwhelming remoteness.

Self Defense Goa

Many people think Self defense as a karate kick to the groin or jab in the eyes of an attacker. But self-defense is actually about using your smarts----not your FISTS .The best way to look at self defense is a way in which you are able to defend yourself if need be.

Eco Tourism Goa

Fundamentally, eco-tourism means making as little environment impact as possible and helping to sustain the indigenous populace, thereby encouraging the preservation of wild life and habitats when visiting a place. This is responsible form of tourism and tourism development, which encourages going back to natural products in every aspects of life. It is also the key to sustainable ecological development.

Jungle Camps

(B) Water Base Activity: India is a land of pulsating coastline, gold

water based activity goa water based activity goa water based activity goa
White Water Rafting
white water rafting goa

Addicted to adrenaline? Want to do some thing thrilling and spectacular? White Water Rafting is your need! Welcome to the king of water adventure sports, experience the challenge, the thrill and the success from team effort. Participate in a high energy experience that depends on your abilities to perform to bring success.

Raft Building
raft buliding goa

Teams are given challenge to build a raft in short time by using their pioneering skills whether using all materials like barrels, tubes, planks, ropes, etc. The raft must be big and strong enough to carry the team and achieve the mission to cross the river all without sinking!! Races, times trails and lots of tasks. Only after safety marshals are happy with the design and construction the races begin! Our raft building days are perfect for team building development whether you are a corporate looking for a staff team building day or a youth group. A perfect location is situated on our camp site.

Splash Swimming

The presence of two perennial stream around the camp present good opportunities for day picnics around small pools up in the valley hidden from the whatsoever little population that exists in the area.

Fishing and Angling

A small trip to Ullash River which is adjoining the camp site a famous spot for fishing can be very rewarding. Of course your own gear is essential.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing is the activity of paddling a canoe for the purpose of recreation, sports, or transportation. It is usually refers exclusively to using a paddle to propel a canoe with only human muscle power. Canoes are using single or double paddles where the 'canoe' or a 'canoeist' is kneeling or sitting on seat or throat, with their knees bent. Canoes are usually open boats.

(C) Air Activity

air activity goa air activity goa air activity goa
Portable Adventure Set-up
portable adventure setup goa

Are you planning to pack your bags and go to Himalaya for Rock climbing, Rappelling or some kind of Adventure Activities or for any kind of Events, But you don’t have time or can’t take a long live from your work. Not to worry you are on the right place.

You don't have to go mountains for such activities we can bring all the mountain adventure activity to you. You choose the Location and we will set-up activity infrastructure like:

  1. Rock climbing Wall
  2. High Rope Courses
  3. Low Rope Courses
  4. Obstacle courses
  5. Fire walking
  6. Glass Walking
  7. Construction of Camp site
  8. And Lots More...
High Impact adventure activities
Simulation & Initiative Exersises

Simulation & Initiative Exersises need the least infrastructure; possible on any flat surfaces, these simulations are possible in wooden areas and even lawns available in and around the resort.

Initiative exercises are essentially unique games that are created keeping experiential learning in mind. These games are extremely effective as they let participants have fun and break formal barriers during events like conferences and company retreats.

Adventure Challenge Towers

Any convenient space on the property can be converted into an adventure arena with a minimum investment in building up specially designed terrains and features needed for adventure sports.

High platform for Leap of Faith, Rock walls, multi activity tower can easily be installed.